Monday, 9 January 2012

Gambaro, Wind Quartets - Consortium Classicum

Vincent (Vincenzo) Gambaro (17??-18??):
Quatuor Concertant No.1 in E Flat Major
Quatuor Concertant No.2 in C Minor
Quatuor Concertant No.3 in F Major
Quatuor Concertant in E Flat Major (d'après compositions de Ludwig van Beethoven)

Consortium Classicum:
Sarah Willis (French Horn), Dieter Klöcker (Clarinet), Kornelia Brandkamp (Flute), Karl-Otto Hartmann (Bassoon)

"Wind bands proliferated throughout early 19th-century Europe, providing charming if largely undemanding light entertainment in noble households. These four of Gambaro’s 16 quartets, fluently played and very subtly balanced, are delightfully unpretentious yet with moments of witty and delightful invention."
George Pratt (BBC Music Magazine)

This CD appeared over a decade ago and stocks seem to be running very low now.