Thursday, 30 July 2015

Reicha, Wind Quintets
Academia Wind Quintet of Prague

Antonin Reicha
Wind Quintet in D Major, Op. 91, No. 3
Wind Quintet in E Flat Major, Op. 88, No. 2
Wind Quintet in F Major (1811)
Wind Quintet in B Flat Major, Op.88, No.5
Wind Quintet in A Major, Op.91, No.5

The Academia Wind Quintet of Prague
Jiří Maršálek, flute
Otto Trnka, oboe
Petr Doněk, clarinet
František Pok, horn
Josef Janda, bassoon

Recorded in 1987 (CD 1) and 1989 (CD 2), respectively, at St Peter's Church, Petersham, UK.
CD set released in 1996, now out of print.