Saturday, 25 July 2009

20th century woodwind & reed music
taster collection

A bagful of short(-ish) compositions and arrangements for woodwind and reed instruments by 20th century composers

Amstel Saxophone Quartet - Arvo Pärt - Fratres
Aurelia Saxophone Quartet - George Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue
Borealis Wind Quintet - George Gershwin - Bess You Is My Woman Now
Dorian Wind Quintet - Lalo Schifrin - La Nouvelle Orleans
East Winds - Malcolm Arnold - Allegro con brio (Shanties for Wind Quintet)
Leta Miller et al - Henry Cowell - Heroic Dance
Quinteto de Vientos Argos - Gerardo Gandini - Double para quinteto de vientos
Reykjavik Wind Quintet - Atli Petersen - Blasarkvintett (Wind Quintet)
Scandinavian Wind Quintet - Per Norgard - Whirl's World
Swedish Wind Ensemble - Hugo Alfvén - Vallflickans dans (from Bergakungen Suite)
The Caliban Quartet - Duke Ellington - Caravan
The Chicago Chamber Musicians - Darius Milhaud - Pastorale

Total playing time 1:19:30

Perhaps I should mention that ....

There was a young fellow called Max
Who kept all his music as Flacs.
He lacked any empathy,
For the old MP3 ...
That's why he missed many good tracks.


  1. Unlike my other uploads, these are not CD rips but tracks from music sites.

    Therefore, the files are in MP3 or WMA format.

    Bitrates are 180 kbps or higher.

  2. Really enjoyable, Anchusa. Well-considered choices, and fun.

  3. Yes, I put the album on again this morning and it really did create a playful and harmonious atmosphere... outside the birds were singing, and all the world was of one voice :) Thank you!