Thursday, 14 January 2010

Divertimento 'Chorale St. Antoni'
(Haydn, Reicha, Danzi, Lickl) -
Stuttgarter Bläserquintett

Joseph Haydn
Divertimento (Feldparthie) for 2 oboes, 2 horns, 3 bassoons & serpent* in B flat major ("Chorale St. Antoni"), H. II/46
Allegro con spirito 3:43
Chorale St. Antoni 2:42
Menuetto & Trio 2:07
Rondo. Allegretto 1:56

Anton Reicha
Woodwind Quintet in E flat major, Op. 88/2
Lento. Allegro moderato 5:27
Scherzo: Allegro 2:44
Andante grazioso 3:14
Finale: Allegro molto 2:48

Franz Danzi
Quintet for winds No. 1 in B flat major, Op. 56/1
Allegretto 5:23
Andante con moto 3:39
Menuetto: Allegretto 2:09
Allegro 2:25

Johann Georg Lickl
Quintetto Concertante for winds in F major
Allegro 5:59
Menuetto 4:25
Adagio 6:14
Polacca 3:55

Stuttgarter Bläserquintett:
Willy Freivogel - Flöte, Sigurd Michael - Oboe, Rainer Schumacher - Klarinette, Friedhelm Pütz – Horn, Hermann Herder- Fagott

First published by Pilz in 1989; this CD is from 1991 and out of print.

* Yes, that's more instruments than one would expect to be played by a quintet. Don't ask me! All I can say is that the Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet and the Quintett Wien achieve the same miraculous feat.

And if you think that "chorale" theme sounds somehow familiar but can't quite place it, check here.


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    1. Hello Anchusa just discovered this blog and all the wonderful oop music. The links to the Chorale St Anthony are dead; perhaps you can re-up. thanks. I will check back in a few days. Col Legno

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  2. The miracle of the loaves and the fishes and the woodwinds sounds intriguing...

    Thanks, anchusa!

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  4. This is a nice blog. You are doing an oustanding job for the music lovers. Those quintets are pretty nice. I can not download anything of Reicha. Thank you.

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    Flacs and covers; the CD comes without a booklet.

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