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Wind Trios (Haydn, Triebensee, Went, Beethoven, Wranitzky) - Novak Trio

Wind Trios: Haydn, Triebensee, Went, Beethoven, Wranitzky
(Treasures from the Český Krumlov Castle)

Novák Trio:
Gabriela Krčková (oboe), Štěpán Koutník (clarinet), Vladimír Lejčko (bassoon)

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Divertimento in G (originally for viola, violin and cello)

Josef Triebensee (1772-1846)
Trio in F

Jan/Johann Nepomuk Went (1745-1801)
Trio in B flat

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Trio in C, Op. 87

Anton Vranický/Wranitzky (1761-1820)
Trio in C

Except for Haydn's divertimento, all trios were originally written for two oboes and English horn and are being played here on oboe, clarinet and bassoon in arrangements by Vladimir Lejčko.

Recorded in 1995
CD out of print

Divertimento 'Chorale St. Antoni'
(Haydn, Reicha, Danzi, Lickl) -
Stuttgarter Bläserquintett

Joseph Haydn
Divertimento (Feldparthie) for 2 oboes, 2 horns, 3 bassoons & serpent* in B flat major ("Chorale St. Antoni"), H. II/46
Allegro con spirito 3:43
Chorale St. Antoni 2:42
Menuetto & Trio 2:07
Rondo. Allegretto 1:56

Anton Reicha
Woodwind Quintet in E flat major, Op. 88/2
Lento. Allegro moderato 5:27
Scherzo: Allegro 2:44
Andante grazioso 3:14
Finale: Allegro molto 2:48

Franz Danzi
Quintet for winds No. 1 in B flat major, Op. 56/1
Allegretto 5:23
Andante con moto 3:39
Menuetto: Allegretto 2:09
Allegro 2:25

Johann Georg Lickl
Quintetto Concertante for winds in F major
Allegro 5:59
Menuetto 4:25
Adagio 6:14
Polacca 3:55

Stuttgarter Bläserquintett:
Willy Freivogel - Flöte, Sigurd Michael - Oboe, Rainer Schumacher - Klarinette, Friedhelm Pütz – Horn, Hermann Herder- Fagott

First published by Pilz in 1989; this CD is from 1991 and out of print.

* Yes, that's more instruments than one would expect to be played by a quintet. Don't ask me! All I can say is that the Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet and the Quintett Wien achieve the same miraculous feat.

And if you think that "chorale" theme sounds somehow familiar but can't quite place it, check here.

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