Friday, 23 November 2012

Dé Nederlander bestaat niet - Calefax

My favourite woodwind ensemble played an interesting programme last night in Amsterdam. The title translates as "The Dutchman doesn't exist", with emphasis on the first word. It is a quote from a speech a member of the royal family gave five years ago when she presented an official study about Dutch national identity. It probably wasn't meant as an overtly political statement at the time, but it seems to have become quite controversial. Anyway, this Dutch ensemble uses the phrase to celebrate the many foreign contributions to Dutch music over the centuries. Mostly, the contemporary pieces are original compositions and the older ones arrangements by members of Calefax.

Calefax Rietkwintet

    oboe: Oliver Boekhoorn
    clarinet: Ivar Berix
    alto saxophone: Raaf Hekkema
    bass clarinet: Jelte Althuis
    bassoon: Alban Wesly

Dé Nederlander bestaat niet

Pietro Locatelli (1695-1764) - Introduttione teatrale op. 4 no. 1
Klas Torstensson (b. 1951) - Prelude & Encores
Solage (late 14th century) - Fumeux Fume
Ron Ford (b. 1959) - Can vei la lauzeta mover
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562-1621) - Fantasia chromatica

Johann Wilhelm Wilms (1772-1847) - Rondo from Sinfonia no. 4 in c minor, op. 23
Frank Martin (1890-1974) - Trois airs populaires Irlandaises
Graham Fitkin (b. 1963) - Compel
Willy Rex (for Willy Alberti, 1926-1985) - Als een wilde orchidee

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, live broadcast on Radio 4 (NL), 22 November 2012


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  2. BTW, I'm not planning to stop posting CDs here altogether. I'm just waiting for some in my collection to go out of print.

  3. Much obliged, anchusa! I missed the broadcast, and I like their sound. Thanks!

  4. Here's a tracked capture of the broadcast, including two interviews with Klas Torstensson and Raaf Hekkema (192 kbps MP3, no re-encoding):